What are Campfire Stories?

Imagine a group of authors sitting around a campfire. One starts a story, introducing a character, a setting, and a scenario. They finish their short introduction with a cliff-hanger before passing control of the story to the next author.

The second author picks up the thread, doing their best to stay true to character and setting, while introducing new elements or expanding small concepts in direction unforeseen by the previous author.

This continues around the campfire, sometimes numerous times, until the story finishes, an amazing collaboration of several people that has grown in directions none could have foreseen as it takes on a life of it’s own.

That is a campfire story.

We hope you enjoy ours.

How did these Campfire Stories get started?

One blustery spring day in Karesborough, North Yorkshire, Dan Crow and Edwin H Rydberg met up over lunch to discuss ideas for a new project. Sitting at a table outside, in the cold wind, while eating franchise sandwiches, they tossed around ideas like bread crumbs to the nearby pigeons. Eventually some stuck and, after more than an hour, they’d developed a framework for their project centred around the idea of bringing together several authors to write a common story.

Logistics continually shaped the form of the project, but the core idea stayed the same, eventually resulting in these Campfire Stories.

How do we pick our Campfires Stories authors?

Both Dan and Edwin are strongly involved with writing groups and organizations in North Yorkshire. So, for Murder at the Mill we began by creating a list of ten or more authors we knew, who wrote in a range of genres (to make the story truly unpredictable!). Those on the final list were selected based who were interested and able & willing to commit the time to the three campfire rounds we wanted for this story.

Moving forward, we would very much like to branch out, moving further afield to attract authors from around the world. So, if you are interested, or know authors who may be interested, please feel free to contact us. We would ask that are able to provide some credentials for us to judge your fit, such as links to published material (self-published or otherwise).

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