Campfire Story Opportunities

Here at Campfire Stories, we have a range of opportunities for author collaboration sure to fit many interests. If you are an author and would like to join us in any of these Campfire Stories, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Classic Campfire Story

Campfire spaces per story: 5-10

A classic Campfire Story in the Science Fiction genre, where each author writes a different episode of 1000-3000 words. The genre is decided by the authors and the story ends after three rounds.

Interactive: It's Your Adventure story with Reader Choices

Campfire spaces per story: 3-5

For those authors who like to write with more continuity than in the classic campfire. In the It’s Your Adventure stories, 3-6 authors each write a story thread of 25-30 short pages (50-300 words each) starting from a common point in the story. Each thread should have 6-8 reader ‘choice points’ built in, where the story can deviate paths. After the initial threads are written, authors swap threads and make additions to the branch points of each other’s threads. After this round, they swap once more and repeat, creating a story where the reader can progress through the story in many different ways, depending on their choices. Typically, there are many ‘dead-end’ story threads which require the reader to backtrack and choose again.

Battleship! Campfire Story-style

Campfire spaces per story: 2-4

A cross between a game of Battleship and a Campfire Story. Before the story starts, each author positions their ships in a grid. The first round sets up the story with authors establishing their main characters and the how and why their navy is in the area. From the second round onward, authors take turns writing episodes that include attacks on their opponents navies. 

Short and Sweet: One round micro-Campfire Story

Campfire spaces per story: 5-10

One round of a classic Campfire Story with each author writing an episode of 500-700 words in an attempt to complete short story.

Classic Campfire Story: Crossed-Genres

Campfire spaces per story: 5-10

A classic three-round Campfire Story with a twist. In addition to the main genre, each author has a different secondary genre they have to write in.

If you are unpublished and have no website, please mention in the message, the Campfire author who referred you.
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